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This Gun for Hire

1942 / 81m - USA
Crime, Thriller
This Gun for Hire poster

Another archetypical noir. After more or less a year of getting myself acquainted with the noir genre, I'm starting to get a pretty decent idea of what to expect. Which isn't that hard really, since it's a pretty strict and well-defined genre, with a big selection of core films. This Gun for Hire is part of that genre core.

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Raven is a gun for hire who is hired to kill a blackmailer. He's a skilled professional, after finishing the job he gets paid and goes on his way. What he doesn't know is that his employer paid him in marked bills. Soon enough the cops are on his tail, when he begins to suspect his employer set him up, he wants revenge.

There are some cool locations, other than that this film has little to offer (unless you're a big noir fan, of course). The plot is pretty standard, there's too much dialogue and the performances are mediocre. I don't really understand all the fuss, but at least these films tend to be pretty short.