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Safety Last!

1923 / 70m - USA
Comedy, Thriller
Safety Last! poster

Passable. A lot of the comedy is dated, especially during the middle part when the girlfriend is visiting, but luckily the stunts are still quite impressive. Harold Lloyd is a fun actor and pulls off the slapstick routines with ease. The finale is a rightful classic, the rest of the film not really on the same level though.

The Freshman

1925 / 77m - USA
Comedy, Romance, Sport
The Freshman poster

Harold Lloyd is a forgotten actor. Where guys like Chaplin or Buster Keaton have remained somewhat relevant, Lloyd has faded from people's memories, along with most of his films. It's a bit odd, as his film aren't all that different from his more infamous peers. That means they're not really my cup of tea.

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Harold Lamb is a nobody who thinks himself pretty cool. When he goes to university, he sees himself as the greatest guy on campus, but others are just laughing behind his back. The only one who likes him is Peggy. When he finally realizes that people are mocking him, Harold is determined to prove his worth.

The Freshman is probably one of the oldest sports/romantic comedies I've seen. It's crazy how little the formula has changed over the years (almost a century now). The plot is extremely predictable, the jokes are basic, and the performances are mediocre. The film does feel like a trendsetter, but this has been done so many times that it's hard to see anything good in it.