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Titan A.E.

2000 / 94m - USA
Sci-fi, Adventure - Animation
Titan A.E. poster

US sci-fi animation. While hardly a film for adults, it's remarkable to see a US (mainstream) animation that doesn't feel the need to service every age group. So much in fact that I tried to come up with another example from the past two or three decades and felt stumped when nothing came to mind.

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That doesn't mean Titan A.E. is a great film, but it's at least remarkable. Back in the day it was also notable for combining oldskool 2D animation with CG backgrounds and characters, 20 years later it looks more than a bit dated, but not as much as some purer CG animations of that time.

The story is very basic, the characters and sci-fi designs are rather flat and the voice acting feels uninspired, but it's nice to see some action-driven sci-fi animation for a change and some of the more adventurous sections of the film were pretty decent. Not a film I'd actively recommend, but it is a good reminder of how shallow and targeted the US mainstream animation scene really is.


1997 / 94m - USA
Romance - Animation
Anastasia poster