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F for Fake

Vérités et Mensonges
1973 / 89m - France
F for Fake poster

There is something obnoxious about artists discussing art, F for Fake is no exception. What almost saves this documentary is the rather pleasant presentation. In the end, it can't hide the fact that Welles is handling the same themes that always tend to pop up in films like these, but it did make it a bit easier to sit through.

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Welles set out to make a documentary about Elmyr de Hory, a famous forger of artworks. He got so wrapped up in the concept of truth and lies that he expanded the docu. He takes the viewer on a path where truth and forgery begin to converge, forcing the audience to doubt everything they are seeing.

I just didn't care too much for the message, also because other films have done a much better job since. The flashy editing and more experimental presentation did keep me interested, I'm sure that if Welles had gone with a more basic presentation I would've absolutely hated the film. Now, it was passable, but far from great.