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The inoffensive

The Accountant

2016 / 128m - USA
Thriller, Action, Crime, Drama
The Accountant poster

A pretty decent thriller. The setup is by far the most interesting part of the film, with some interesting elements that keep the plot vague and intriguing. The second half is more predictable and the action scenes aren't all that, but the film retains its stark and polished exterior, keeping it fun until the very end. Not bad.

Dubious filler

Pride and Glory

2008 / 130m - USA
Crime, Thriller
Pride and Glory poster

Plain forgettable

Jane Got a Gun

2015 / 98m - USA
Action, Drama, Western
Jane Got a Gun poster

A very plain and typical Western. It's really not my genre and this film does little to change that. Grumpy characters, tame gun slinging and an incredibly depressing setting. The film looks nice, with its warm, sepia glow, but the rest of it is way too standard for me to find anything worthwhile. Nice poster though.

Big nopes


2011 / 140m - USA
Drama, Sport
Warrior poster