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Grosse Pointe Blank

1997 / 107m - USA
Crime, Romance
Grosse Pointe Blank poster

I'm not sure what to make of a film like this. Grosse Pointe Blank throws a bunch of different genres together, which suggests that it's a relatively original, surprising experience, but the contrary seems true. It's a bland, lifeless narrative where nothing stands out and everything feels derivative.

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Martin Blank is a professional killer who has had it with his job. He executes one last kill and returns to his hometown to rekindle an old love. He stood up Debi on their prom night and still feels bad about the situation, an upcoming class reunion is the perfect excuse to right the wrongs of the past. Others won't just let Blank quit his job though.

I'm not a John Cusack fan, which may have something to do with my apathetic reaction to this film. He's annoying, has no charm, no chemistry with Driver either. The crime and action elements are bland and negligible, the romance is a complete dud and the comedy rarely hits the mark. As for the direction, Armitage is completely invisible. A pretty bad film.