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Walking the Streets of Moscow

Ya Shagayu po Moskve
1964 / 78m - Soviet Union
Comedy, Romance
Walking the Streets of Moscow poster

A Russian film with a French (Nouvelle Vague) vibe. It's not the most common combination and doesn't quite work either, but at least it's quite a big step up from other Russian (attempts at) comedy I've seen. There's a cultural looseness missing in order to get that genuine 60s French feel, but at least the cinematography was on point.

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Volodya is visiting Moscow at the request of a respected writer. In the metro, he bumps into Kolya, who helps Volodya out when he gets bitten by a dog. The two visit Kolya's home, but when things get a bit too hectic Volodya escapes and goes on his own adventure, wandering around the city.

The cinematography is pretty stylish, the performances feel a little too stilted though. The lighthearted music isn't really a success either, making it a little awkward. The vibe they were going for was pretty clear, they just never really landed on it. Still, thanks to the short runtime and some pretty pictures, it wasn't as bad as I'd feared.