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Take Back the Night

2021 / 90m - USA
Horror, Mystery
Take Back the Night poster

A horror flick that is a not-so-subtle allegory for sexual violence and assault. It's pretty common these days to remake core drama as horror, as long as it actually works well within the genre confines I don't really mind. And Elliot nails that part, even though she clearly didn't have a huge budget to spend.

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After a successful gallery presentation, Jane and her friends go out partying. When Jane returns home, she is attacked by a dark figure. Battered she reaches the hospital, but when she finally informs the police they seem hesitant to believe her. Jane's story about a monster attacking her sounds implausible.

Fitzpatrick is pretty solid, the director feels fresh and contemporary, and the scares are pretty cool. Yes, the CG is a little dodgy, but the monster design makes up for that, though I'm sure it will be divisive. A pretty tense and interesting film, with a clear message that doesn't dial back the genre elements. Good work.