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Taiwan - 44 years old
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Till We Meet Again

Yue Lao
2021 / 128m - Taiwan
Fantasy, Romance
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Giddens Ko finally makes good on his potential. He's been one of the most promising figures in Taiwanese cinema this past decade, but there were always minor details that kept his films from becoming personal favorites. This sprawling contemporary fantasy sees him taking the next step. The lovely cinematography, the solid performances, a creative plot and excellent direction turn this film into a real event. The minor flaws are still there, only now they're overshadowed by all the greatness. A lovely surprise, hopefully Ko can continue on this level.

Solid pieces

Mon Mon Mon Monsters

2017 / 113m - Taiwan
Mon Mon Mon Monsters poster

You Are the Apple of My Eye

Na Xie Nian, Wo Men Yi Qi Zhui De Nu Hai
2011 / 109m - Taiwan
Drama, Romance
You Are the Apple of My Eye poster