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The Wave

2019 / 87m - USA
Sci-fi, Mystery
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Fun, albeit simple, sci-fi flick. It combines some familiar concepts (piecing things together post-party, drug trips and time travel) hoping to come out slightly more original than all of its peer. I don't think it's entirely successful at that, but at least the film itself is fun enough.

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Frank has settled down. Even when he has a big breakthrough at work, he is unable to celebrate his accomplishments. Until he caves and accepts an invitation from one of his colleagues. They go for a wild night out, which ends with Frank taking some exotic drug. When he wakes up the next morning, without his wallet on him, he finds that his old life is completely messed up.

The presentation is light and breezy, Long and Vand do a good job and the pacing is perfect. But safe one or two scenes, there's nothing that truly stands out. It's all a bit too predictable, and I don't think it's a film I'll be remembering for long. But if you're looking for some fun filler, it certainly does the job.