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National Class Category Up to 785 ccm

Nacionalna Klasa
1979 / 105m - Yugoslavia
Drama, Sport
National Class Category Up to 785 ccm poster

An exceptionally high rating on IMDb suggests this film was probably quite big in its home country back when it was first released. It's difficult to come up with any other reason for its popularity, as the film itself is very basic, an inconspicuous genre flick that rigidly goes through the motions.

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Branko, aka Floyd, is a young kid whose life revolves around racing and women. He lives with his parents and doesn't look ahead, his only worries are making sure he doesn't have to join the army and winning the next car race, which would mean he could be promoted to a higher series.

The performances are pretty dim, the direction is lifeless, and the film is as predictable as they come. I didn't find any characters to care about, neither did I see anything to suggest the director had a real vision for this film. It's just a tale about a young racer that lacks the proper flair and pacing to keep things interesting.