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Alive and kicking



2023 / 83m - USA
Comedy, Adventure - Animation
Migration poster

While other US animation studios are slowly trying to diversify, Illumination continues down the path of anthropomorphic comedies that feel like they were made for toddlers. Enter Migration, the latest soulless animation to rely on star power and banal comedy to turn itself into a box office success.

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A family of ducks has been staying in its pond for what feels like forever. Everyone is in dire need of a real vacation, except for dad, who has become a fearful specimen. But a little scolding from his wife is enough to get his ass back into gear, and with his family, he goes off to visit Jamaica.

It's a typical road movie, so the story is pretty fragmented. None of the little adventures are any fun though. Everything is extremely predictable, the animation is ugly, the jokes are tired and the voice acting is tepid. Migration feels like a relic of worse times, , I for one can't wait for this type of animation to die down completely.