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The Legend of Kunlun

by Hai Tao
2022 / 80m - China
Adventure, Fantasy
The Legend of Kunlun poster

I feel like I'm repeating myself whenever I see one of these films, but China really can't get enough of their tomb raiding adventures. The Legend of Kunlun is pretty standard fare and if you don't pay close attention you may be forgiven for wondering whether you've seen this film before. It's a good thing then that these films are fairly amusing.

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The story isn't much to look at, then again that's not why you're watching a film like this. Zang Wenfeng is the son of a famous historian who went missing 17 years ago. Together with a Japanese expedition that aims to raid the Chinese treasures he goes to Kunlun mountain to find the hidden tomb. There he hopes to discover what happened to his father.

The characters are pretty fun and there are some cool action scenes early on. The problem, as always, is the shoddy CG. Especially for a film like this, which relies on CG for most of its core moments, it's a bit of a bother. Look past that, and you get an amusing fantasy adventure, I just wish they'd rely a bit more on practical effects (how tricky that may be).