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Bodies Bodies Bodies

2022 / 97m - USA
Bodies Bodies Bodies poster

Kids these days. It's not all that obvious whether the film wants to be actively critical of Generation Z, or if the film just dishes out some playful nudges and winks (director Reijn isn't the youngest, but drawing a conclusion from that would be ageist). Whatever the case, the film didn't feel fully realized.

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Some youngsters are getting together for a hurricane party. They play a game of "bodies bodies bodies", but when things get out of hand they end up with an actual body on the floor. From that moment on, the hysteria starts to build, as the group tries to find out the identity of the real killer.

The kids are pretty damn annoying, and while I understand that's kind of the point, they really are pretty damn annoying. The soundtrack is cool though, the film looks nice enough and there's some fun to be had here. On the other hand, the conclusion was pretty lame and the film isn't quite as edgy as it tried to be. Mixed feelings.