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The Continent

by Han Han
Hou Hui Wu Qi
2014 / 105m - China
Drama, Comedy
The Continent poster

The Continent isn't very original or earth-shattering. It's funnier than I would've guessed, but that's mainly because Chinese films rarely combine drama and comedy in a very balanced way.

Solid pieces


by Han Han
Fei Chi Ren Sheng
2019 / 98m - China
Sport, Comedy
Pegasus poster

Starts off as a mediocre Chinese comedy, but as the film turns more serious and gets more enveloped in the rally drama, things get a lot better. Some really cool rally footage make the final 30 minutes tense and engaging, something I didn't really expect 30 minutes in. Han Han can do better, but this wasn't half bad really, especially for a sports comedy.


by Han Han
Cheng Feng Po Lang
2017 / 102m - China
Comedy, Drama, Fantasy
Duckweed poster