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Alive and kicking


Year One

2009 / 97m - USA
Adventure, Comedy
Year One poster


2000 / 93m - USA
Comedy, Fantasy
Bedazzled poster

A typical Ramis comedy. The film is a good 20 years old now, but it felt at least twice its age. Ramis' trademark 80s sense of comedy is embedded in the film, only with some more recent actors (and some horrible CG). The result is pretty paltry, as the comedy never really settles in and the jokes keep missing target.

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A try-hard is madly in love with a lady at the office, only she has no eyes for him. The devil hears about the man's desperate love and promises to help him in return for his soul. He gets seven wishes, after they've all been granted he has to offer up his soul to the devil. Those wishes never really pan out the way he hoped they would.

Fraser and Hurley are pretty terrible, Ramis' direction is uneven and sloppy and the plot, while promising, keeps venturing off in the wrong direction. There's a light and agreeable vibe that makes it somewhat palatable, but even at a mere 90 minutes, the film manages to overstay its welcome. Not very good.


1980 / 98m - USA
Comedy, Sport
Caddyshack poster

Infamous golf comedy. I'm not a big Ramis fan though, certainly not when he's in the director's chair. Caddyshack is just more proof that his style of comedy leaves me completely cold. I see what the jokes are and where the audience is supposed to laugh, I just don't think it's actually close to funny.

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The film follows the happenings around a golf course at a posh country club. Some are trying to win big money, others are trying to score a boyfriend, and the caddies are focused on earning an extra buck. And then there's the groundskeeper, who is chasing a rather malicious gopher.

The performances are bland, the comedy is grating and the plot is negligible. It's a film of a different time, and I can see how it could've been a hit back then, but any critical acclaim this film is getting is completely beyond me. This was the first time I saw the film in full, I'm not surprised I never managed before.

Groundhog Day

1993 / 101m - USA
Fantasy, Romance
Groundhog Day poster