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Midnight Traveler

2019 / 88m - Qatar
Documentary, War
Midnight Traveler poster

A very pure documentary. Rather than a director seeking out a subject and documenting someone else's story, this is the subject himself deciding to document his own journey. It's a promising premise alright, but the result is lacking, mostly because the trip is somewhat underwhelming.

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After fruitless attempts to be accepted as political refugees, Hassan and his family are forced to flee Afghanistan. The Taliban put a price on Hassan's head and staying there is simply too dangerous. It prompts him to shoot his own trip to Europe, a first-hand account of the hurdles that illegal refugees have to overcome.

There's a lot of waiting and quite a bit of bureaucratic hassle to go though. The documentary feels genuine and Hassan's family are a pleasant bunch, but the trip itself isn't that interesting and 90 minutes feels like a stretch. Might be instructive for people who care more about the subject, I didn't get much from this film though.