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Miss Chic

Fröken Chic
1959 / 91m - Sweden
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A very slow and stuffy Swedish comedy from the late 50s. I had no idea what to expect to be honest, though it aligns pretty well with more modern contemporary Scandinavian comedy. It's quite static, somewhat formal and not particularly funny, just with a strong 50s aesthetic.

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Isabella is a remarkable TV quiz contender. Buster Carell is a desperate talent scout who sees big bucks in Isabella when he watches her performance on TV. He chases her down like a madman, but Isabella isn't all too willing to lay her future in the hands of Carell. Buster of course won't give up on her that easily.

There are a few slapstick moments that break the mold, but they are even less funny than the rest of the film. Performances are rather poor, the plot isn't all that interesting and though the film itself is relatively short, it felt at least twice as long. It's a comedy I simply didn't find funny, and since that's all there is to Miss Chic, the verdict is quite damning.