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M.D. Geist

Soukihei M.D. Geist
1986 / 47m - Japan
Action, Sci-fi - Animation
M.D. Geist poster

A title I've always wanted to see as a younger anime fan, I just never got around to it. I've been catching up with quite a few of these short OAVs lately, with good success too. I was a little less thrilled about MD Geist. While everything is there to be a superb piece of entertainment, the presentation is just a little too cheesy and lackluster.

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The setting is pretty elaborate, but most of it is communicated through a bit of onscreen text at the beginning, explaining the conflict between old Earth people and newer generations of humans born in space. The film is little more than a specific conflict within a much bigger war, with some well-defined good guys and bad guys.

There's a bit of Fist of the North Star, some Gundam, and a whole range of other famous influences. The problem is that the animation is quite weak and that some of the artwork gets very cheesy, taking away from the cool factor these types of films depend upon. It's still pretty fun, but it's pure filler, nothing more, nothing less.