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Project Power

2020 / 113m - USA
Fantasy, Action
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A pretty solid action film enhanced with some fantasy/sci-fi elements. A new pill is giving people superhuman (or, according to the plot, animal) powers. The problem is that some users are literally exploding after taking the pill, so in order to do some extra tests they bring it onto the market as a new drug.

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While not really the film's fault, it's not easy watching it without thinking of possible franchise implications. I sincerely hope they're not thinking of producing sequels, spin-offs and whatnot, Project Power isn't specifically set up for that either, but it's always a possibility with this type of material. And even though I did like the film, I simply don't feel the need to revisit its universe any time soon.

The camera work is pretty decent, the effects look nice enough, the soundtrack works (for the most part) and performances are good. The teen character is a bit annoying and the film never gives the impression of wanting to be anything more than a fun diversion, but sometimes that's enough. Pretty good.


2016 / 85m - USA
Sci-fi, Horror
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2010 / 87m - USA
Mystery, Documentary
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2016 / 96m - USA
Mystery, Thriller
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A fun little thriller that updates the old truth or dare game for the present day. Roberts and Franco are nice enough, the colorful night time footage looks pretty sweet and the pacing leaves little room for boredom, sadly the ending is a pretty big copout. Still a pretty enjoyable and entertaining film, good filler.

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