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Worthy but flawed

Street Angels

Hong Deng Qu
1996 / 91m - Hong Kong
Action, Comedy, Crime
Street Angels poster

Pretty mediocre blend of action, crime and drama. Billy Tang is a somewhat generic director, the night club setting isn't too original and the drama never impresses. But there's some decent genre stuff in there, the pacing is fine and the actors do an okay job. It's simple filler, but it's an easy film to sit through.

Dr. Lamb

Gao Yang Yi Sheng
1992 / 89m - Hong Kong
Horror, Thriller
Dr. Lamb poster

Dubious filler

Dragon Fight

Long Zai Tian Ya
1988 / 96m - Hong Kong
Action, Crime
Dragon Fight poster

Big nopes

Raped By An Angel 5: The Final Judgement

Zhi Fu You Huo Er Di Xia Fa Ting
2000 / 84m - Hong Kong
Raped By An Angel 5: The Final Judgement poster

Vengeance Is Mine

Xue Yi Tian Shi
1988 / 91m - Hong Kong
Horror, Thriller
Vengeance Is Mine poster

A simple revenge tale that is dragged out unnecessarily and fails to engage because the direction is so lackluster. Mediocre performances, bland cinematography and a slavish fixation on plot make this a very forgettable affair. A poor genre exercise that tries to be edgy and relevant, but doesn't work on any level.