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Alive and kicking


Puppet Princess

Karakuri no Kimi
2000 / 40m - Japan
Action - Animation
Puppet Princess poster

A short anime with potential. Afterwards, I felt it would've been a lot better if someone like Yoshiaki Kawajiri had directed it though. The potential for greatness is there, but there's a bit too much plot for the limited runtime and the film is probably a bit too soft considering its premise.

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An evil warlord abolishes a noble family skilled in making special fighter puppets. Only one member of the family survives, a young princess. She vows to take revenge for her family and begins her trip to find the warlord. On her way, she'll meet several people who will join her in her quest.

The mechanical puppets are cool, and the simple plot allows for some prime Ninja Scroll-type anime fun. The animation is pretty decent too and the art style is solid, but the film spends a bit too much time on inconsequential scenes and none of the characters leave a big impression. Decent filler, but this could've been so much better.