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Rampo Noir

Rampo Jigoku
2005 / 134m - Japan
Horror, Fantasy - Anthology
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An amazing collection of shorts, brought to life by superb actors and featuring strong and diverse styles. A true sight to behold and without a doubt one of the best Japanese horror projects around.

The Eye's Dream

Gankyû no Yume
2016 / 102m - Japan
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A really cool find. The Eye's Dream is a semi-punk offering, mixed with an arthouse aesthetic, pinku elements, and some horror bits at the end. An eclectic mix for sure, and Sato has some trouble keeping everything under control, but there are some very cool scenes here that are sure to stick with me for some time to come.

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Maya is a photographer with a passion for eyes. She believes she has a third eye, which has gone missing. Through her photos, she hopes to find her third eye. One day a neurologist walks into one of her exhibitions. He is fascinated by her work and reveals he is a documentary maker. He wants Maya to feature in one of his films.

The cinematography is pretty edgy, with stark colors and contrasts. The story is a little fuzzy and the pinku elements are a bit too present at times, but the story is intriguing, the film kept surprising me and the finale was worth the wait. Fans of Japanese punk and horror cinema should definitely give this one a try.

Naked Blood

Nekeddo Burâddo: Megyaku
1995 / 76m - Japan
Horror, Sci-fi
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The Gods Have a Nervous Breakdown

Supesharu Ressun: Hentai Sei-kyôiku
1990 / 53m - Japan
Drama, Fantasy
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A fascinating title for a dire pinku film. The pinku genre is often seen as a hotbed for talent and the freedom that comes with the format has yielded some great directors, many of which went on to become lauded arthouse favorites. But that's just the top of the iceberg, sadly the genre also hides a lot of crap.

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A young student with no place to stay visits her teacher and asks her if she can stick around. The teacher and her husband see no problem with this request, but it doesn't take long before she gets mixed up in their relationship. There's some fantasy nonsense in the margins, which makes very little sense and is probably best ignored.

The pinku scenes aren't very enticing, the plot is nonsensical, and the film looks terribly cheap. Even so, Sato would end up directing a short for the Rampo Noir anthology, one of my absolute favorites, so I guess it was all worth it in the end. I would skip this film if I were you though, there's really nothing of interest here.