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The Ledge

2022 / 86m - UK
The Ledge poster

One of those genre films where the title tells the entire story (close enough at least). Take one look at the poster, and you know what to expect, but that's part of the fun. I was craving a bit of rock climbing fun, with some thriller elements thrown in to drive up the tension. And that's exactly what this film delivers.

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Two girls are about to climb one of the toughest mountains in the Dolomites, when they run into four boys. Their evening together goes well, until Joshua gets worked up and tries to rape one of the girls. The situation escalates, and before they know it the girl is dead. The other girl caught everything on tape, and escapes up the mountain. Guess where she gets stuck.

Not everything is equally believable, but there are some superb sights, director Ford does manage to get you on the edge of your seat and the film is pretty harsh and nasty when needed. There's hardly any padding, the pacing is perfect and people with vertigo might have to think twice before watching this one. Great genre fun.