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2009 / 88m - USA
Adventure, Comedy - Animation
G-Force poster

I guess there was a time when animated rodents mixed with live action was considered the next big thing. After a hefty dose of Alvin & the Chipmunk and Stuart Little, G-Force brings a team of spy-hungry guinea pigs to the table. I can't say I get the appeal, even less so after watching this one.

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It's probably a combination of being easy enough to animate and cuddly enough to like, personally I'm not a big fan of animated rodents. Especially not when they're trying to act all cool, which just makes things worse. Add the atrocious dub work and you're got a certified recipe for disaster.

The plot is dumb, the music is of the shlocky pop kind and the comedy is certified unfunny. Probably fun for very young kids who want to see an age-appropriate Mission Impossible, I can't see this doing much for anyone else. At least it was short and decently paced, but that's not much of a comfort when the rest is terrible.