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Blast from the Past

1999 / 112m - USA
Comedy, Romance
Blast from the Past poster

A romcom that does its best to honor its title. There's a thick "everything used to be better" vibe that runs underneath the film, which is used for comedic effect for sure, but the clear love for bygone eras (namely the late 50s/early 60s) betrays a deeper belief in the film's premise. It's not something that gelled with me.

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Adam is born in a fallout shelter, his parents locked themselves in there after mistakenly believing a nuclear bomb had fallen on the US. A good 35 years later they emerge from their shelter, unsure of what the world will look like. What they find is quite distressing, only their son has the guts to explore this new world.

It's not an unfamiliar setup, and with Fraser in the lead, you know the comedy will be overly PG and goofy. He makes a nice onscreen couple with Silverstone, but both the comedy and romance are a bit too predictable to fill out the 110-minute runtime. It's certainly not the worst of its kind, just a tad too generic.

Police Academy

1984 / 96m - USA
Police Academy poster

The First Wives Club

1996 / 103m - USA
The First Wives Club poster

The precursor to Sex and the City, only with middle-aged women. Hell, it even has Parker (though in a smaller part). Another one of those men vs women stories that tried to be woke before it was even a thing. At least the writing was slightly better than many of the series and films that followed in its footsteps.

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Elise, Brenda and Annie are old school friends who rekindle their bond at the funeral of a mutual friend. They're all divorced, left by their husbands for younger women. The three decide to form a little club and to get revenge of their exes for dumping them, the men won't know what hit them.

Hawn, Keaton and Midler struggle with their parts, the premise is annoying and director Wilson is there only in name. It's a very pedestrian film, but there are a few fun dialogues and at least the film is relatively short and decently paced. Not great, but it could've been worse still.