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Yaksha: Ruthless Operations

2022 / 125m - South Korea
Crime, Action
Yaksha: Ruthless Operations poster

A decent but somewhat middle of the road crime/action film. It's not quite as punchy and dynamic as its Hong Kong neighbors, not as elaborate and gritty as its Japanese neighbors, not as overly expensive as its Hollywood neighbors. It's perfectly pleasant filler though, but I was expecting something a bit better.

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Kang-in, nickname Yaksha, is a ruthless leader of a team of special agents. Then Ji-hoon gets assigned to his team, to launch an investigation in the workings of his team. It doesn't take long to find out that Yaksha's team involved in a deadly war between spies, Ji-hoon has no choice to join Yaksha in his battle.

The cinematography isn't that great, the characters are a little dull and the action isn't all that spectacular., even though some attempts are made to make it stand out. The film goes through the motions and the pacing is decent, but Yaksha never rises above the level of simple genre filler.