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Get the Hell Out

Tao Chu Li Fa Yuan
2020 / 100m - Taiwan
Comedy, Horror
Get the Hell Out poster

Hysterical Taiwanese zombie comedy. They enjoyed a short spell of quality/creative films in the early 10s, sadly it didn't really last. Since then some pretty decent films have surfaced, but they are few and far between. Get the Hell Out isn't a future classic, but at least there's a lot of fun to be had with this one.

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Parliament is discussing the construction of a chemical plant, when one the members turns into a zombie and starts attacking the other participants. Soon the entire room is teaming with zombies and it's up to a couple of survivors to find a way out of the building. Their quest looks impossible, until one of the survivors discovers his blood repells the undead.

Get the Hell Out is a pretty modern, energetic film. The editing is hyperactive, people are loud, the camera swings all over the place and some game interfaces and 8 bit sounds make their way into the styling. There's a little gore, but in the end this is more comedy than horror and giggles are more important than grossing people out. A lot of fun, but no masterpiece.