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Alison's Birthday

1981 / 97m - Australia
Alison's Birthday poster

A somewhat random Australian horror flick. There's nothing that really stands out here, which is why they probably just focused on making a slightly weirder poster design. Now, horror isn't really about originality to begin, but the execution is just as unremarkable, making this one pretty hard to recommend.

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Alison's 19th birthday is coming up, her family is planning a big party to celebrate the event. In the days leading up to the party Alison starts experiencing odd episodes and the closer she gets to her birthday, the worse she feels. Something is off, and her family seem to know more about it.

The performances are dim, the cinematography and score are bland and the film doesn't make much of an effort to conceal its twists. It's a really lazy horror flick that leans on a handful of scenes that are slightly more atmospheric, but that's hardly enough to save this one from oblivion. Truly forgettable and unremarkable.