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Butt Attack Punisher Girl Gautaman

Dengeki Oshioki Musume Gôtaman: Gôtaman Tanjôhen
1994 / 45m - Japan
Comedy - Animation
Butt Attack Punisher Girl Gautaman poster

Only in Japan. Gautaman feels like a close sibling to Hentai Kamen, the underwear-wearing superhero who fights crime with his almost-bare body. You'll find the same kind of absurdities in Gautaman, the biggest difference being that this series throws some random religious elements in the mix.

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A devout Christian girl is approached by Buddha, who reveals to her that she is chosen to become Gautaman, a savior who draws her divine powers from a sumo belt. She accepts her mission, but she isn't quite ready for the costume she is supposed to wear, which clashes with her religious upbringing.

Gautaman is utterly daft and nonsensical, but that's exactly what makes this so much fun. The animation is pretty basic and the plot is negligible, but who cares. The bad guys are hilarious, the comedy is bonkers and pacing fast. I didn't expect a lot from this one, but this was a more than pleasant diversion.

Ranma ½: The Movie 2, Nihao My Concubine

Ranma ½: Kessen Tôgenkyô! Hanayome o Torimodose!!
1992 / 60m - Japan
Adventure, Comedy - Animation
Ranma ½: The Movie 2, Nihao My Concubine poster

The second Ranma movie offers pretty much the same kind of entertainment as the rest of the franchise, though it does feel considerably more like filler. Rather than a movie, it's more of a spring or summer special, with the Ranma crew chilling on the beach. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but with only 60 minutes on the clock, it means it all feels very flimsy.

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Ranma et all are enjoying some time off at the beach. Enjoying might not be the best word though, because they love to argue among themselves. A little further down the shore, a sailor finds himself stranded with his women friends. There's also a prince who apprehends the entire lot and wants to marry one of the girls. Just another day in the Ranma universe in other words.

The characters are fun, the animation isn't anything special but not too bad for this type of thing and while the plot might be just a little too thin, it does provide ample opportunities for the usual Ranma weirdness. I did like the first film better, as it was a little more padded with oddness, but if you're looking for light filler, this is a pretty safe bet.