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Rebels @ School

Luizenmoeder - De Film
2021 / 108m - The Netherlands
Rebels @ School poster

The series was pretty fun, but that doesn't mean it always translates well into a feature-length film. The main accomplishment of Rebels @ School is that it keeps the charm of the series intact, while not coming off as an extended TV episode. In that sense, this is a very easy recommendation for fans of the series.

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After Anton dies, the school is in disarray. Ank has taken over his duties, but she still has to teach classes, and COVID-19 has all the parents on edge. The call for modernization grows stronger and when a new manager takes over, the old teacher will have no choice but to follow suit.

Most of the familiar characters make a return, the themes are actually somewhat interesting (the fearmongering that seems to have taken over Western society is heavily critiqued) and the cringe comedy is still present. The drama felt a little off and the film could've been a little snappier, but other than that very amusing.