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Hardcore Henry

2015 / 90m - Russia
Action, Sci-fi
Hardcore Henry poster

If you're looking for one of the most immersive cinematic rides in ages, there isn't a single film that can top Hardcore Henry. One of my finest theater experiences in years.


2021 / 92m - USA
Action, Crime
Nobody poster

Naishuller arrived in Hollywood. I'm a big fan of Hardcore Henry, but was a bit apprehensive when I went into this film. The move to the US is tricky, and it wouldn't be the first time it would trip up a promising director. It seems history has repeated itself here. While there are flashes of Naishuller genius, they're pretty well hidden away in expensive mediocrity.

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Bob Odenkirk plays Hutch, a tired, middle-aged man. His wife and son don't respect him, his work's a drag and when one night robbers force their way into his house, he can't even properly defend his family. There's more to Hutch that meets the eye though, a sleeping secret that is revealed once he gets tangled up with some Russian mobsters.

Odenkirk is a lazy casting. Sure enough, he fits the character at the start of the film, but his transformation is pretty miserable. More damning are the action scenes, which are quite dull and by the numbers. There's not much left of the hyper energetic camera work of Naishuller's former film, the soundtrack too is little more than a bunch of old, poppy tunes. It's not an overly terrible film, but coming from a man who made one of the most crazy action films of the past decade, it's more than a little disappointing.