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2022 / 83m - USA
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South-Korea has developed a strong horror reputation these past two decades, it seems that Umma wants to deliver the Asian-American equivalent. I'm not certain if I would describe the film as well-meaning or just lazy, the fact of the matter is that the result is quite lackluster and dull.

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Chris grew up with her mom on a remote farm. Her mother is allergic to electricity, their Korean descent didn't make things easier for Chris growing up. When word arrives that Chris' grandmother died, her mother begins to relive the traumas of her past and slowly becomes the woman she has hated for her entire life.

The strong dramatic core is no surprise for fans of South-Korean horror, but that's not really what draws people to the genre. The lack of tension, a couple of lazy jump scares, mediocre performances and a predictable plot work against the film. If you're craving a South-Korean horror film, just watch one instead.