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Josee, the Tiger and the Fish

Joze to Tora to Sakana Tachi
2003 / 116m - Japan
Drama, Romance
Josee, the Tiger and the Fish poster


2007 / 120m - Japan
Bizan poster

Zero Focus

Zero no Shôten
2009 / 130m - Japan
Mystery, Thriller
Zero Focus poster

A capable but rather basic mystery/thriller. After setting up a sudden disappearance, the rest of the film is spent finding out what happened to the missing person. Clues pop up at the right time and little by little the real story is revealed. Director Inudô feels a bit absent from the film though, which is why it fails to rise above its peers.

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Teiko marries Kenichi through an arranged marriage. A week later Kenichi has to take care of some business for his old employer, when Teiko sees him off she's blissfully unaware that it'll be the last time she'll see Kenichi. Once she's informed of her husband's disappearance, she travels after him hoping to unravel the mystery.

Performances are decent, but the cinematography, soundtrack and plot are a bit too simple. I guess it's telling when a poster of a film adds more intrigue than the styling (kudos for the cool poster though). Zero Focus isn't bad, fans of whodunits will surely find something to love here, but it's in no way exceptional.