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The Ice Demon

Ledyanoy Demon
2021 / 92m - Russia
The Ice Demon poster

A decent Russian horror, but not quite as good as its recent peers. These films often managed to stand out with local folklore and couleur locale, but that's lacking from The Ice Demon. What you get here is a simple haunting, much in line with its Western counterparts. An actual Ice Demon would've made the film a lot better.

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Tanya's husband goes missing, after which she builds up a new life with Misha and her daughter. Ten years later she gets a call from the hospital, with the message her husband was found. He's in a coma and his brain shows no signs of activity, but somehow his body is unwilling to die.

While pretty simple, the structure of the film is still a little confusing. There are some tense moments and the setting is moody, but it's never quite as scary as it could've been, and the demonic presence is just a little dull. It's not a bad film, perfectly decent filler, but I expected a bit more going in.