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The Widow

2020 / 80m - Russia
Horror -
The Widow poster

Russian horror. They've been doing pretty well lately when it comes to horror cinema. It can be somewhat tricky to avoid the atrocious US dubs, but if you manage to find the subtitled versions then you're usually in for some solid genre entertainment. The Widow is no exception.

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The Widow is basically Blair Witch in Russia. A local rescue team is trailed by a documentary team. When they get a distress call they venture into the woods near St. Petersburg hoping to find the missing people. A local legend about a witch doesn't really frighten them, but when they find the first survivor things are getting pretty creepy.

It's a proven formula, but the eerie Russian forests, great sound design and some smart scares make sure that there's plenty of genre fun to be had. Performances are also decent and the runtime is nice and short, just don't expect to see anything original or surprising. It's a bit too by the numbers to really stand out, but otherwise it's pretty cool filler.