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Circle Line

2023 / 80m - Singapore
Circle Line poster

Singapore goes horror. Not too many films make it out of this small country, I'm afraid Circle Line won't do much to change that situation. It's a very basic horror flick, thin on plot, but also thin on delivering scares, gore, or any other horror-related thrills. That makes it a tough sell for genre fans, or anyone pondering to watch this film really.

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The underground lines in Singapore aren't running as smoothly as should be, and the company overseeing the transportation is in a bit of a bind. When one of their trains goes off the grid entirely, they are stumped. The train ends up in an abandoned part of the tunnels, where a strange and dangerous creature roams, protecting its offspring from potential attackers.

The setup isn't too bad, and I'm always game for a creature flick, but the creature itself is rather bland, it's introduced in full way too fast and the CG is just amateurish. The short runtime and solid pacing make this film bearable and the performances are okay. It's not bad horror filler, just don't expect anything more from it.