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Awaken the Shadowman

2017 / 90m - USA
Horror, Thriller
Awaken the Shadowman poster

One of those typical thriller/horror flicks from a first-time director with no money to spend. It shows potential, but at the same time the film completely fails to escape its no-budget roots. The people behind Awaken the Shadowman paid close attention to other genre films, but failed to properly emulate their peers.

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Adam gets a distressing call from his brother Jake. His mom is nowhere to be found, and they assume the worst. Adam and his wife Beth travel back to help his brother look for their mom. Some strange people in the neighborhood seem to have taken an interest in their case though, and Adam becomes increasingly worried that something very odd is going on.

The plot isn't all that bad, but the performances are weak, the cinematography looks cheap and the soundtrack fails to add any atmosphere. That makes it virtually impossible to get totally immersed in the film, which is quite vital if you want a horror film to be successful. Only interesting if you're desparate for a horror film.