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Right Here Right Now

So Was Von Da
2018 / 100m - Germany
Crime, Comedy
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It feels like director Lass tried to make his own Trainspotting here. A group of kids organizes an illegal rave in some soon-to-be-demolished venue. There's a lot of partying, a fair amount of substance abuse, a touch of criminal activity and an underlying romance to keep something of a plot going.

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The problem with Right Here Right Now is that it isn't quite as cool as it aims to be. Lass does his best to play with structure, throws some slightly edgier dance and rock on the soundtrack, goes wild with the cinematography and is generous with the editing, resulting in lots of jump cuts.

But the soundtrack feels a little tame, there isn't enough visual creativity and the characters are quite dull too. There are moments when everything comes together wonderfully and the film really shines in these moments, but it's not constant enough to turn this into a real masterpiece. It's a fine attempt though, I had a lot of fun with this one.