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Coming Home in the Dark

2021 / 93m - New Zealand
Thriller, Horror
Coming Home in the Dark poster

Ashcroft delivers a film that balances on the very edge of thriller and horror, a film that has no good guys, only victims. Coming Home in the Dark is a pretty ominous and gritty thriller that isn't quite as shocking as it tries to be, but has its fair share of uneasy moments that are sure to please the fans of morally ambiguous horror films.

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Alan and Jill are on a hike with their two sons. When they arrive at their destination, two scrappy figures show up, immediately taking them hostage. While it looks like a random act of violence, it slowly transpires that the two know Alan from a former life, and are looking for some kind of redemption.

The cinematography is dark and grainy, the performances are solid (with Daniel Gillies as the obvious standout), the moral ambiguity pretty interesting. It's nothing particularly new and/or original, but Ashcroft does a fine job and delivers a very good genre flick. Prime filler, especially with Halloween drawing closer.