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The Raven

2012 / 110m - USA
Mystery, Thriller
The Raven poster

Breaking In

2018 / 88m - USA
Breaking In poster

A simple home invasion flick. Everything about Breaking In felt safe and calculated, which truth be told, is exactly what you could expect from a James McTeague film. It's decent enough filler, thanks to the relatively short runtime and the decent pacing, but don't be surprised if you've forgotten all about the film the next day.

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Shaun and her two kids drive up to the house where she grew up, after her father suddenly died. Their relationship wasn't great and Shaun plans to sell the house. Once there it looks as if someone has already entered the place, not much later a gang of four is holding her kids captive inside. Shaun will do everything in her power to get them out again.

The cast is decent, though the bad guys aren't quite mean enough and Union isn't that convincing as super mom. The cat and mouse game is 100% by the book, the film has no proper twists or successful surprises and McTeague never gets you to the edge of your seat. Decent filler fluff, nothing more.

Ninja Assassin

2009 / 99m - USA
Ninja Assassin poster

Not as bad as it could have been. US films about ninjas (and samurai for that matter) tend be quite cheap and cheesy. Ninja Assassin doesn't fully escape that faith, but at least there are some kick-ass action scenes, which counts for something. That's pretty much the only reason to watch this film though.

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The film starts off quite promising. A ninja assassination (hah) that is rather bloody and ruthless. Heads fly, bloods spurts and iron flies through the air. But then the plot starts and things start to slip real fast. The performances are weak, the characters are drab and the drama is pretty lame.

The entire middle part of the film is pretty much negligible. It just runs through the motions and spends a lot of time setting up the finale. Luckily it ends with some fine action scenes. The editing and camera work may not be up to par, but at least it's graphic and over-the-top. Decent, but not great.

The Invasion

2007 / 99m - USA
Sci-fi, Thriller
The Invasion poster

Simple alien invasion flick that doesn't really want to pick a favorite genre. There's a little horror, a bit of action, some sci-fi and even a dash of drama, sadly the film turns out to be a master of none. It's not bad either, just a little too plain and predictable. Not the most horrible timewaster out there, but nothing more.


2015 / 96m - USA
Action, Crime, Thriller
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V for Vendetta

2005 / 132m - UK
Action, Thriller
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