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The good stuff

Eden Lake is a prime example of British harshness combined with good old-fashioned horror, increasing the insanity notch by notch and delivering a great finale.

Worthy but flawed

Bastille Day

2016 / 92m - UK
Action, Crime, Thriller
Bastille Day poster

Bastille Day is a mediocre action/thriller with a stray cop and a talented pickpocket running around Paris trying to put a stop to a terrorist threat. The action is underwhelming, the plot is a bore and the actors fail to elevate the film. Pacing and comedy are alright, but that's about it.

The Woman in Black

2012 / 95m - UK
Horror, Thriller
The Woman in Black poster

Big nopes

Shut Up and Dance

2016 / 52m - UK
Drama, Sci-fi
Shut Up and Dance poster