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Final Destination 3

2006 / 93m - USA
Final Destination 3 poster

Final Destination

2000 / 98m - USA
Final Destination poster

The One

2001 / 87m - USA
Action, Sci-fi
The One poster

Dragonball Evolution

2009 / 85m - USA
Fantasy, Adventure
Dragonball Evolution poster

Dragonball as seen through the Hollywood lens. I'm pretty glad that I have very little affinity with the franchise. I've seen a handful of the anime films, but never found it interesting enough to even consider going through the series. Still, I can imagine that fans (or just people more familiar with the Dragonball canon) got quite upset watching this film.

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The cast is a series of miscasts, I really felt sorry for someone like Chow Yun-Fat here. The performances of Chatwin and Rossum are way worse though, it's hard to say what they were going for, but it's painful to watch. Though to be fair, the rest of the film isn't doing them any favors.

The CG is ugly, especially considering the budget. The plot is bland, the fights are boring and instead of going for fun and cheese, the film tries to be serious and kid-friendly at the same time. The cliffhanger finale no doubt signaled more films to come, but this one was such a flop that luckily they never materialized.