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The inoffensive

The Haunting

1999 / 113m - USA
Fantasy, Horror
The Haunting poster

Worthy but flawed


1996 / 113m - USA
Adventure, Thriller
Twister poster

Twister was one of the films I really liked when I was younger. A film about a group of tornado chasers presented a real sense of danger and adventure and with some pretty decent special effects for that time, Twister had everything I needed from a good blockbuster disaster flick. Which, admittedly, wasn't all that much.

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Watching it back, it's hard not to notice all its faults, but underneath that cheese rests a film that still holds a bit of that oldskool sense of adventure. With our current technology, it's hard to imagine a bunch of scientists jumping in a truck to chase tornadoes and throw sensors at it, but as a premise it's pretty exciting.

The performances are quite weak, the effects aren't as impressive anymore and two hours is a bit long, especially since it's all very repetitive, but the pacing is decent, the destruction is pretty impressive and the chase scenes are still plenty fun. Hasn't really survived that well, but it was still better than I'd expected it to be.


1994 / 116m - USA
Action, Thriller
Speed poster