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Guns Akimbo

2019 / 98m - New Zealand
Action, Comedy
Guns Akimbo poster

Hilarious, zany and pleasantly over-the-top. Guns Akimbo isn't the most original of films and often wears its influences on its sleeves, but there aren't many action films like this, so it's really hard to fault the film for it when the execution is so precise and on point. Weaving and Radcliffe are awesome, the cinematography is insane and the pacing/runtime is perfect. A true adrenaline rush.


2015 / 86m - New Zealand
Horror, Comedy
Deathgasm poster

Cheesy but amusing splatter flick. The echoes of Peter Jackson's work are strong, though it's clear that Howden isn't quite the director Jackson was. The gore is nice and the camera work is vibrant, but the metal setting is a little lame and the effects are too cheap. It's a decent enough diversion, but it's not the comedy horror classic it aspires to be.