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Prime Spanish horror director who rarely ventures outside his niche. Balagueró has been looking for his best form after he quit the [rec] franchise, but if you're up for some solid horror cinema, pretty much his entire oeuvre's a safe bet.

Rare treats


by Jaume Balagueró, Paco Plaza
2007 / 78m - Spain
[Rec] poster

[Rec] is a lovely thrill that smartly uses modern techniques to its best advantage, creating a truly creepy and tense atmosphere where so many films have failed before.

The good stuff

[Rec] 2

by Jaume Balagueró, Paco Plaza
2009 / 85m - Spain
[Rec] 2 poster

If you didn't like the first film, I can't see how you'll like this one. Stylistically the films are very much alike, though the directors made better use of the style this time around.

[Rec] 4: Apocalypse

by Jaume Balagueró
[Rec] 4: Apocalipsis
2014 / 96m - Spain
[Rec] 4: Apocalypse poster

I always assumed Rec 4 was going to be the last film in the series, but Balaguero didn't really wrap things up after all, leaving plenty of room for possible sequels to come.

Films to Keep You Awake: To Let

by Jaume Balagueró
Películas para No Dormir: Para Entrar a Vivir
2006 / 68m - Spain
Horror, Thriller
Films to Keep You Awake: To Let poster


by Jaume Balagueró
2002 / 88m - USA
Darkness poster

The Nameless

by Jaume Balagueró
Los Sin Nombre
1999 / 102m - Spain
Horror, Thriller
The Nameless poster

Solid pieces

Sleep Tight

by Jaume Balagueró
Mientras Duermes
2011 / 102m - Spain
Horror, Thriller
Sleep Tight poster

The inoffensive

Way Down

by Jaume Balagueró
2021 / 118m - Spain
Thriller, Crime
Way Down poster

A bit of a suprise, this film. Balagueró is a lauded horror director who has stuck with the genre since the very start of his career. But Way Down, despite the potential of its name, has nothing to do with horror. Instead, we get a modern heist flick, not unlike the first Mission:Impossible film.

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The bounty is a set of golden coins that Walter hauled from a sunken chip. After retrieving the coins, they are taken from him by the Spanish government and put in one of the best secured vaults in the world. Walter isn't just going to let this slide though and he assembles a team that'll help him get the coins back.

Way Down is pretty entertaining, but it's clear that Balagueró isn't too familiar with the genre yet. He sticks to what is known to work, but because of that it feels like a pretty basic, predictable film with just a few minor upgrades left and right. The cast is on point, the heist is fun, but there's not enough here that stands out. Decent entertainment.


by Jaume Balagueró
2017 / 107m - Spain
Horror, Mystery
Muse poster

A story with literary roots that mixes fantasy, mystery and horror elements. It's a pretty conceptual genre film, so much in fact that Balagueró gets a little lost in the plot. It's an interesting story with enough potential to be great, but in the end the film lacks a little punch. Not one of Balagueró's best films, but still a worthy addition to his oeuvre.

Worthy but flawed


by Jaume Balagueró
2005 / 101m - Spain
Horror, Mystery
Fragile poster