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The Campaign

2012 / 85m - USA
The Campaign poster

Meet the Fockers

2004 / 115m - USA
Comedy, Romance
Meet the Fockers poster

Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me

1999 / 95m - USA
Comedy, Action, Crime
Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me poster

Slightly better than the first one. There's a strange retro 90s charm whenever the film tries to be modern-90s in the 60s. Apart from that it's pretty much a carbon copy of the first film, but the jokes are a bit more elaborate and the running gags just a tad funnier.

Dinner for Schmucks

2010 / 114m - USA
Dinner for Schmucks poster

Meet the Parents

2000 / 108m - USA
Comedy, Romance
Meet the Parents poster

Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

1997 / 89m - USA
Comedy, Adventure
Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery poster

Hit and miss comedy that is highly dependent on its 60s vibe. Myers' character has become iconic since, but much of the humor is simplistic, repetitive and tame. It's only when it gets extremely silly that this Bond parody is able to redeem itself.


2019 / 109m - USA
Bombshell poster

While this is no doubt supposed to be a rather serious and grave film, about a subject that is extremely relevant, I often couldn't shake the feeling that I was watching a pastiche, almost a comedy at times. I don't know the characters by heart, but I've seen them around and I had a really hard time taking them seriously.

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When a show host at Fox is fired because she challenges the status quo a little too much, she takes it upon herself to clean house. She charges the CEO of the company for sexual harassment. At first, her lawsuit seems like a drop on a hot plate, but then more and more women join her cause.

The performances are thick, almost comical. The plot is predictable (even without knowing much of the facts upfront) and the film never feels genuine or trustworthy. Bombshell is a typical Hollywood vehicle, not the kind of film that can deliver a message with any kind of authority. Not great.

Austin Powers in Goldmember

2002 / 94m - USA
Comedy, Action, Crime
Austin Powers in Goldmember poster

Worst of the three. It gets a little too repetitive and it often feels like you're watching an ad for MTV instead of a bona fide comedy. Caine is a nice addition, Goldmember an atrocious caricature. They should've left it at two, it's no surprise a fourth one never materialized.