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1970 / 83m - France
Crime, Drama
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I had never heard of Mocky before, even though he was quite prolific. Looking at Solo, it's no real surprise, as this film felt extremely niche. It's almost one of those "so bad it is good" films, though it never quite reaches those terrifying depths. The extremely amateurish and kitsch execution makes it somewhat amusing, but I got tired of the film pretty quickly.

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A group of young leftist revolutionaries guns down some rich, bourgeois men. It doesn't take long before the police are on their tail, but the officers aren't the brightest specimen. Meanwhile, the brother of the group's leader has returned to Paris. He doesn't agree with the goals of the revolutionaries, but gets involved in their plight regardless.

The performances are terrible, the soundtrack nonsensical and repetitive and the editing is simply disastrous. The conversations feel labored, and the plot isn't too interesting either. There is this odd, almost tongue-in-cheek vibe that kept me somewhat interested, though it doesn't really seem to lead anywhere.