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The Social Dilemma

2020 / 94m - USA
The Social Dilemma poster

Social media is invading our lives and the companies that are behind these platforms are increasingly looking at their users as revenue generators/milk cows, showing absolutely no respect for our well-being. This message is nothing new, but this documentary seems hellbent on repeating it one more time.

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It's interesting to get some people who actually worked on these platforms in front of the camera, at the same time it makes for a somewhat biased documentary. There's a bit too much tech doom here, especially with the hilariously fake family reenactments in between. These scenes aren't just poorly made, they are in part responsible for undermining the message of The Social Dilemma.

The focus on tech/social media as the sole culprit is a bit simplistic and the idea that society will (over time) adapt to this evolution is too easily dismissed. It would've been nicer if this doc had spent a bit more time on building its actual case, rather than falling for its own propaganda warnings. You've got to love the irony that this was made for Netflix though, one of the unnamed culprits.

Chasing Coral

2017 / 93m - USA
Chasing Coral poster