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2021 / 85m - USA
Slapface poster

Slapface is a genuine slow burner and has the markings of an elevated horror, but the execution resembles a more typical genre film. And that's a good thing really, as that means the horror isn't a secondary priority. Director Kipp hits a pretty delicate balance that deserves more praise than the film has been getting so far.

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Lucas lives together with his brother Tom, after his parents died in a car crash. Tom has to earn a living and doesn't really have time to raise Lucas, which leaves the young boy roaming the neighborhood. Two twin girls love to tease him and the only one to care for Lucas doesn't dare to stand up to them. All that changes when Lucas meets a pretty special friend in the woods.

It's a nice twist that Kipp doesn't downplay the horror elements. The environment and lighting are moody, the soundtrack is tense and emotive, the performance are remarkable for a horror film. The ending could've been a bit more punchy, other than that this was a very accomplished film. Kipp is a director to keen an eye on.